A test...

After thinking about the IFRAME tag for a while.  A clever use dawned on me!  Maybe I can embed the pearltree that goes with a page in the page!  Let's try it.

Well I see 2 improvements PearlTrees needs: 1) Scalable interface. 2) Scalable profile pop-up to fit window size or the ability to start a tree with the profile minimized. Or maybe the profile (and page previews) appear on mouseover?

Note: It is the show detail button/code that is causing the scaling to blow.

Hmm, a consideration and work around. I will look into adjusting my layout.

Final note: No obvious way to integrate PearlTrees tactfully into my interface. To be functional, it's just too big and doesn't play well with with the page formatting. :(

What I would like: To be able to use it as a header at the top of my blog. One that can be navigated in place. That would be the sweetness.

Update 23-FEB-2011:

What I was trying to say in better language.  The PearlTrees client needs to be more flexible in layout so that it can be easily adapted into a page or blog.  A mindmap *IS* a sitemap.  The site of you.  If it weren't for the the visual structure and manipulability of this PearlTree "The Cogworkz" (this blog) wouldn't exist.

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