HTML5, CSS3, and other components of the future web...

I now introduce HTML5/CSS3 into the Cogworkz future web model.  This is important for a multitude of reasons, but two that haven't really sunk in yet.

1)  The next evolutionary step is web as an application.  The omni platform answer to this is HTML5. 

2) If the web page is an application, then web server space becomes app storage space.

I really wish I could include HTML5 in my blogger blog, but it simply doesn't support the functionality.  The closest I can come is punching through it with an iFrame.

And while I was able to find a Cloud based HTML5 editor called CloudCanvas, and while it does save to svg format in your Google docs, there is no way to deliver the content.  I either need a blog in which I can inject code (and haven't found anything that fits with the Cogworkz principles yet).

So if anyone knows of a blog that permits HTML5 let me know.  (I'm still trying to avoid the classic website model because I think it can be done.)

Update 20-FEB-2011:

Other components I included in this category are Java, Javascript and Silverlight. However since one of my principles is to "keep it in the cloud" this means avoiding plug-ins and locally stored content - I, agree with (and I can't believe the words coming out of my mouth) Steve Jobs on the no Flash stance. And considering its "weight" and slow loading time, I'll lump Java right in there with it. Nothing says large memory footprint and slow operation like a virtual machine.

So Java no (virtual machine, downloaded local content), javascript yes (integrated into the browser).

After all - the scripting languages turn a web page into an application. Flash and Java on the other hand embed non-HTML components that have to be sideloaded before the page is functional. ANd of course have requirements (Must have java installed for java to run in place, while javascript is built into the browser). Likewise with Flash (must have flash installed for embedded flash to run in place, and there is no script equivalent with HTML5 being the direct contender).

But the one element that are useful to a blogger - they can be delivered via IFRAME into a blog.  Speaking of, Silverlight could also be delivered via IFRAME so it bears mention.  However, like Java, it has client side installs.  So, for me at least, gets chucked along with Java.  If it's not native to the browser your page isn't going to work "out of the box."  And that's no position to be in.

This line of thought leads to another blog post:  My curiosity and fear of iframes.

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