My pet peeve with the evolution of information technology...

So what precisely causes me so much angst when it comes to info tech?  Well I'll tell you since you asked.

The best description for it I can put together is input fragmentation.  That nebulous place where interface completely ruins perfectly serviceable technologies.  And then, rather than fixing the interface or integrating resources, they add ANOTHER service to accommodate of the first system.  And this bothers me because it literally flies in the face of the very purpose of computation.

If we assume (with good reason) that computers are to facilitate and amplify the amount of work a single user can do.  What do you call when the information systems have become so numerous and require so much redundant data entry through such tortured interfaces that not only do they create extra work, that to comply with their utilization organizations are rewriting their policies to be software compliant.

Who works for whom?  Do we work to satisfy the machines, or are the machines to ease our work?

There's a serious case of bass ackwards going around.  Very serious.

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