First (bad) video blog.

Ok, since I speak so much (and so highly) of the cloud.  I wanted to provide something of a practical demonstration on what can be achieved.  In this case, I created a video blog utilizing nothing but cloud based applications.

The video was captured using a cloud based application called Screen-O-Matic.  Not only did it do a reasonable job at capturing the video, it saved the capture in the cloud, and transferred it directly to Youtube.  Or said another way, the captured video was never on my local hard drive!

Since there was a little bit of set up video recorded at the beginning, and a little extra at the end as I navigated to turn off the screen capture, so a little editing was in order.  And unknown by many, Youtube has a built in video editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor).  So I used it to trim up the video and here is what I was left with:

And there you have it.  No installed captured software, no downloads, no uploads, no video editing software...  all cloud from start to finish.  Pretty slick, eh?

With that said, please forgive the audio... my gaming head set is old an rickety.  Since I plan to do more of these, I promise to get a mic for the future.  As I state a few times in the video - this is just an experiment to see how well it would work.  Considering the frame rate, I'd say it worked pretty well!  Keep in mind my browser is tweaked, so your performance may vary - web application depends on 3 things, which browser you use, how you have you web cache configured, and the speed of your network connection.

Anyway, I'll add this blog entry to my pearls and include the links to the resources I used as always.  Likewise, the hyperlinks are included in this blog entry.

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